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Auction For Ted West


If you don't know Ted West personally, you may have seen him around town supporting all the local and international rock and metal bands! What you may not know is that Ted is struggling with Cystic Fibrosis. Sufferers of this genetic diseasde don't get to stay on Earth as long as the rest of us. Ted will be departing our fair shores for the grand and majestic Valhallah. Before he goes, The Tattooed Heart & Sacred Tattoo wish to make his remaining time here &$#&*(@!? awesome.

Ted's a simple kind of man - he would like to bungy jump, fly in a helicopter and trash a hotel room. To this end, The Tattooed heart and Sacred are holding an on-line art auction featuring rare pieces.

This is a one-off opportunity to buy some of NZ's finest art at low reserves.

Proceeds of the auction go towards granting Ted's most vehement wishes.


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